Chrome Push Messaging Console Generic Notification Shown

The Chrome team has been putting together a document of best practices for push notifications UX as well as a document covering some of the edge cases when working with push notifications. Best Practices for Push Notifications Permissions UX; Push Notifications Edge Cases and Mitigations; Future of Push Messaging on Chrome and the Open Web Push Messaging & Notifications. Available in Chrome 42+ & Chrome 42+. To use this sample please do the following: Create a project in the Firebase Developer Console.; Go to Settings (The cog near the top left corner), click the 'Cloud Messaging Tab'. Example of implementation for Chrome push notifications: As of Chrome version 42, the Push API and Notification API are available to developers. The Push API in Chrome relies on a few different pieces of technology, including Web App Manifests and Service Workers. To get a better understanding of some of the other features of manifests and the . I am trying to build chrome push notification. I tried to implement a random code which is referred from web. The code goes as follows : notification.html